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Accountant suspicious of accidental overcharges before requesting telecom auditing services

5 Benefits of a Telecom Audit For Your Business

Expenditures on telecom (telephone charges and internet) are inevitable. Every business organization needs effective communication to guarantee success. Employees need to communicate with one another, with the customers, and with the company’s leadership. In fact, many companies give their employees business phones, resulting in hundreds of additional numbers that need connections and Wi-Fi. The executives also have to communicate with their shareholders. Read along for benefits of a telecom audit.

The accounting department of the business is responsible for paying and keeping entries for telecom bills. However, they might fail to know what lines, circuits, or services are invoiced on the telecom bill, as well as what services you no longer need.

Your telecom service provider can end up overbilling you since they know whatever they invoice will be paid, costing your company money. Furthermore, most employees in the office are not aware of how much money goes to paying for phone calls or Wi-Fi. They are not even aware when the rates change and the bills go up, or when long-distance charges are incurred.

Common Telecom Billing Errors

Some telecom billing errors can cost your company a lot of money, affecting its profitability. These errors include:

  • Being invoiced for disconnected services
  • Incorrect rates, resulting in overcharge, and
  • Cramming or paying for telephone and internet services without your knowledge or approval

A telecom bill audit for your business can help you avoid these errors and costs. Read on to know the various benefits of telecom auditing your business.

1. Telecom Auditing Brings Incorrect Rates and Billing Errors to Your Attention

A professional utility bill auditor is, in most cases, aware of the prevailing rates for telecom services — both for local and long-distance calls. A telco audit will help:

  • Spot and expose overcharges.
  • Change the rates to the best ones.
  • Get you a refund for any overcharge.
  • Identify errors in older invoices; even invoices from previous months and years can be audited and have errors addressed.

Telecom auditing is a surefire way of saving your company some money. After all, the AP department in your business may just pay the invoices they receive. Without proper insight into how telecom services are and are not being used, your finance team can’t catch incorrect invoices.

That is why it is advisable to hire professional utility bill auditors for telecom auditing. During a telecom audit, our team at Util Auditors will work with you to determine what you need and do away with the excesses. We then make the needed changes after you give us the go-ahead.

2. Telecom Auditing Optimizes Telecom Resources

Telecom auditing reveals unnecessary lines, circuits, and services so you can save money on unnecessary billing and maintenance costs. Telco audits validate that the services being offered are needed and that the locations you are paying for, especially for a company with multiple branches, are still active. As a result, it becomes easy to keep and maintain your utility billing books.

A telecom audit helps ensure that every telecom resource is optimally utilized in bringing the company profits. You wouldn’t want to pay for services that have no reasonable return on investment or that you are not using.

3. It Helps Find and Fix Problems in Your Telecom Infrastructure

Your company’s telephone lines or internet routers might be faulty, even as you keep paying for them. While the guys in IT and other users might point out such issues, the finance department might be unaware of them and keep servicing the invoices from the providers. It’s a waste of company resources.

A telecom audit by a professional will unmask areas in the company’s telecom infrastructure that have issues. Underutilization of equipment or not taking advantage of deadlines and discounts result in wasted expenses. Knowing where you have problems makes it possible to devise a workable solution to fix them and increase operational efficiency.

4. You Can Identify Over-Expenditures Within the Company’s Wireless Network

Bills take money from the company’s pocket. It is important to minimize expenditures as much as possible while ensuring everything runs smoothly. A telecom wireless audit from our team will help identify areas where your telecom provider is overcharging you. After all, some of them rely on their customers not paying attention to the invoices they send.

Once we identify and ascertain that you are being overcharged, we help you claim a refund from the provider. You can also opt to terminate services with them and look for another trustworthy provider.

5. Telecom Auditing Makes Monitoring and Reporting Easier and More Effective

Having the details and reports of how different departments within the company are using telephone or internet is good for monitoring and billing. It becomes possible to know which department needs more services and those that you might be wasting telecom resources on.

With the right telco audit, you can also discover expensive calls or higher roaming rates on wireless devices according to location and service. You can, therefore, make the necessary changes to cut down expenses.

The Bottom Line

Telecom audits are greatly beneficial to your business. But you can only enjoy the benefits if you hire the best and most trustworthy auditor.

At Util Auditors, LLC, we specialize in identifying and correcting utility and service contract billings errors for businesses. We can also help your team improve internal control so you have approvals and check systems in place to catch future errors.

Please contact us today for the telecom auditing services you need to uncover any errors in your telecom billing, reduce costs, and standardize your operations. You can also learn more about our services here.

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