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    Telecom Audit

    A telecom audit examines the telecommunication expenses of a business. It points out areas where the company might be spending more than necessary. Telephone, internet, wireless service bills will be examined for inaccuracies. Every year, many companies reap thousands of dollars in savings by resolving inaccurate charges detected during a telecom audit.

    Large companies can easily lose track of usage details due to the multiple telecom providers with which they may be contracting. Telephone audits are a valuable service that can pay off in reimbursements by telecom companies when the audit detects mistakes. The intricate analysis can also spot duplicate services and services a company is paying for but never uses. When a company cancels a duplicate or unnecessary service, significant savings occur.

    Util’s process kicks off with the review an initial data set comprised of invoices, and related contracts. Util then communicates with the provider(s) to obtain historical usage data.

    In addition to the application of proprietary knowledge and methods, the following bullet points outline some of the steps performed throughout the detailed audit process:

    • All lines were analyzed to identify excess or under-utilized lines of service that could be eliminated.
    • Local and long-distance calling plans, as well as systems, were reviewed to identify
    • Analyze telecommunications use tax as it pertains to each entity, and advise on potential for cost savings, and refunds.

    Wireless Audit

    The following bullet points outline some of the steps performed throughout the detailed wireless audit process:

    • Device purchase and lease contracts were analyzed to assure that the most up-to-date technology is in use for the cost
    • Device features were reviewed to identify excess spend
    • Mobile data to devices such as tablets and hot spots were reviewed to assure the organization is making the best use of deployed technologies
    • Data plan configuration was reviewed to assure that pooling of is being administered in the most cost effective and efficient way
    • International calling from the US, as well as calling abroad was reviewed to assure that devices making these types of calls have appropriate plan features to deliver savings.

    Our Process



    Access 16 cost-saving solutions spanning 4 subcategories (Utilities, Contract Services, Financial Services, and Commercial Real Estate). There is often one, or more, areas in which we can aid our clients.



    Util Auditors deploys proprietary knowledge, methods, and superior technology to thoroughly analyze invoices and services for errors, anomalies, and inefficiency in billing. Clients can login to track the progress of each audit, at each location, in “real time” using our Client Portal.



    An interim report of findings can be downloaded at any time during the audit process through your uView™ Dashbard. A formal report of our audit recommendations is provided by Util Auditors on every audit project.



    Where some audit firms simply make recommendations, Util Auditors will assist you to implement the cost savings and obtain the refunds that we identify. We will act as your project lead, completing paperwork and compiling claim documents for your review that are required to realize the benefit of what we propose.



    As a contingency-based service we only invoice for cost savings and refunds if, and after, the client realizes them.

    Visually Track Your Cost Savings With Our Proprietary Client Portal.

    uView makes it easy to effectively assess your audit in real time, view detailed savings and analysis reports, approve/ decline recommendations and communicate with your live auditor.

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    At Util Auditors, we are passionate about serving our clients, increasing operating efficiency and cutting costs. We treat each client the same to identify cost saving opportunities, and provide the absolute best solutions. It is this consistency and commitment that allows us to continuously exceed the expectations of our clients.

    We have provided cost reduction services as well as utility refunds to over 275 clients including Fortune 100 and 500 companies.

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