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As a leading national provider of utility bill audits, Util Auditors has realized the need for industry leading efficiency products and robust project planning for its existing clientele.  For this reason, Util Auditors has built an unmatched team of efficiency experts in several specific areas into a single source, which is UTIL Efficiency Solutions. 

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LED Lighting & Retrofits

Light emitting diode’s (LED’s) have become the solution for most. Studies have proven that with the proper replacement fixtures and implementation, over 75% of your lighting expense will be eliminated. We will find a solution that works within your budget but does not cut on quality. We can do this through a lease, through savings, or through a capital purchase.

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IoT Systems

Internet of Things (IoT) lighting solutions bring connectivity to devices that were previously not connected and provide data (where data was not available) through the connection. An IoT lighting system also enables one device to talk with another device. Connectivity and communication can happen between devices within the lighting system and between lighting devices and non-lighting devices.

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Water Conservation

Util will help to reduce excess water and wastewater consumption using cutting-edge technology and equipment, resulting in both significant water conservation and substantial cost savings your business. We can assist in areas such as irrigation, submetering, valve controls , system management and more.

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New Construction Projects

Our mission is to help businesses reduce their energy usage through the expert implementation of state-of-the art, energy-efficient products. From day one, we work in tandem with our clients to assess their needs and then recommend solutions that fit within their budgets.

Services You Can Trust

At Util Auditors, we are passionate about serving our clients, increasing operating efficiency and cutting costs. We treat each client the same to identify cost saving opportunities, and provide the absolute best solutions. It is this consistency and commitment that allows us to continuously exceed the expectations of our clients.

We have provided cost reduction services as well as utility refunds to over 275 clients including Fortune 100 and 500 companies.

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