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Electric Utility Bill Audit

Electric Utility Bill Audit Results in Significant Savings And Refund For Sun Glo Plating

Sun Glo has long been associated with excellence in plating, but many don’t realize that their company has one of the largest and most comprehensive anodizing facilities in the state of Florida.

Their company layout is such that they have many electric meters. Chief Financial Officer, Richard Freund, was fortunate that he realized Sun Glo’s electric utility bills were inconsistent by meter. He was certain that there were utility bill overcharges in his electric bills, but was uncertain on how to approach the provider confidently.

Freund contacted Util Auditors, a leading utility auditing and consolidated solutions provider, to explain his dilemma. To help assist Sun Glo, Util Auditors requested a copy of their electric bills and performed a comprehensive utility bill audit.

Following some investigation and a few questions about the layout of Sun Glo’s operation, Util Auditors confirmed implementation of tariff adjustments. Thanks to the electric utility bill audit Sun Glo realized significant savings and was also able to obtain a refund from their provider. Sun Glo is now considering expanding the scope of work, and plan to use Util Auditors’ additional utility bill auditing services.


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