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Financial Services


Internal financial provisions are consistent areas for lost gains by businesses across industries. We find opportunities for savings or refunds within workers’ compensation agreements, retirement packages, and merchant processing practices, assuring businesses aren’t only budgeting efficiently but abiding by legal compliance standards along the way.

Our Financial Analysis & Billing Review Services


Merchant Processing

If you’re in business than you probably accept credit cards for payment – and merchant processing fees can be substantial. On top of it all, your processing statement is among the most complicated and detailed that your business will receive.A merchant processing audit can lower costs without changing your processing bank or equipment.

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Virtual Card Platform

The annual premium audit determines your company’s Workers’ Compensation insurance premium for the period. Sometimes there can be dramatic changes in premium based on audit results, and not at all of these changes are welcomed by insured employers. Util recommends a complete policy review, which may result in a significant refund from your insurer.

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Bank Fees

Util Auditors views accounts payable as a necessary function of all companies, no matter the size. Our invoice payment processing services increase overall business efficiency. From the mailroom to accounts payable, Util Auditors has created an effective utility information management process based on a First Due, First Out prioritization.We are able to pay your utility bills fast and on-time.

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Class Action Settlements

Without consistent management and updates, a company’s retirement plan can turn into a compliance nightmare. We evaluate the retirement packages and contracts between your business and its employees to define the proper share class selection, assess revenue sharing funds, and a total review of your business’ asset allocation.

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Services You Can Trust

At Util Auditors, we are passionate about serving our clients, increasing operating efficiency and cutting costs. We treat each client the same to identify cost saving opportunities, and provide the absolute best solutions. It is this consistency and commitment that allows us to continuously exceed the expectations of our clients.

We have provided cost reduction services as well as utility refunds to over 275 clients including Fortune 100 and 500 companies.

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