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reliant care utility bill audit

Utility Bill Audit Improves Operations for Healthcare Facilities

Reliant Care Management Company operates 15 facilities dedicated to providing quality care to the frail, elderly geriatric population, as well as those eighteen years of age and older afflicted with mental illnesses in addition to a primary medical diagnosis.

After Util Auditors completed detailed utility bill audits on Reliant Care Management’s St. Louis locations, Ashwin Dundoo, Director of Finance, Reliant Care Management, LLC, wrote: “Our facilities obtained significant refunds and continue to enjoy substantially reduced monthly operating costs as a result of consultation provided by Util Auditors, LLC and their team of (utility bill auditing) experts.”

Dundoo also stated that quality of care is a primary focus for Reliant Care Management and that the”inefficiencies in billing” would not have been found without Util Auditors. With the recovered costs and improved billing efficiencies, Reliant Care Management has the additional capital to uphold their commitment to patient care.


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