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Warehouse manager getting more done because of outsourced waste management

How Outsourced Waste Management Solutions Can Help Your Business Cut Costs, Streamline Waste Management, and Improve Overall Function

Regardless of the industry you work in, chances are you must at some point deal with waste. Waste is a natural product of manufacturing, construction, or simply operating in an office. However, waste management shouldn’t take over your business. You shouldn’t have to deal with costly challenges that make waste management more difficult for your company. Outsourced waste management can help you cut costs, streamline your waste management efforts, and improve your overall functionality, all without inconveniencing the workers who are already hard at work managing your other business responsibilities.

Here are four ways outsourced services can immediately help your business:

1. Use a single point of contact for all your waste management needs.

Instead of having to keep multiple phone numbers and pieces of contact information at your fingertips, you can simply contact one provider for all your waste management needs. If you have multiple haulers based on specific job sites, you can simply use one phone number to connect with your waste management team and get your problems handled. This can also make it easier to ensure that you contact the right provider for each job site. 

Suppose, for example, that you have contracts with the City of Miami, Waste Management, Republic, and Waste Connections. You might use them across multiple sites based on geographic availability and the specific provider who could offer you the best contract for each area. Instead of having to figure out which specific provider you need to contact for a pending problem, you can simply get in touch with a single outsourced waste management provider. They will handle all of your waste management challenges and needs, including that information on to the endpoint.

2. Collect all your monthly waste management bills in one easy-to-access location.

Juggling multiple waste management invoices can be a massive headache, especially if you have several concerns to deal with at any given time. Using an outsourced waste management solution, on the other hand, will put all of your monthly bills in one location. This can make it easier for you to quickly write a check and move on with the rest of the tasks you have to take care of. For example, say you have ten waste management invoices for $1,000 each month across multiple sites. Instead of having to write out checks for each of them, you can handle it with one easy payment. 

3. Get reports on all of your waste management solutions in one easy location.

Sometimes, you want to keep track of how much waste you’re getting rid of, like: 

  • The number of containers you empty on a regular basis
  • How often your haulers come to pick up your waste
  • How much you’re recycling versus how much you’re throwing away

First and foremost, not every provider will offer easy access to that information through their portal. Others may make it much more difficult to access that information. Finally, accessing it through multiple portals may mean that you have more trouble accessing that information when you need it. You won’t be able to easily share it with shareholders or customers who may want to see your data. 

With an outsourced waste management solution, on the other hand, you get all of that information consolidated into one place. This can provide better visibility into your waste management tactics. It will also make it easier to see what progress your business is making toward reducing its carbon footprint. Becoming more sustainable is an important attribute to many shareholders and business owners alike. 

4. Cut costs with more visibility and simplicity.

Employee frustrated by too many waste management tasks

Too many large enterprises don’t currently have a system in place to manage waste removal. Unfortunately, that can lead to substantially increased overall waste management costs. You may struggle with:

Expired Waste Contracts

Expired waste contracts may mean that waste (and invoices) piles up. You have to renew the contract before the company comes back to take it away. Also, you may end up paying more in the long run. How? You may incur one-time fees that total double your usual monthly payment fees to remove that extra waste that has built up over time. Furthermore, expired waste contracts may leave you without the time or room you need to negotiate your new contract. After all, you need to get your waste removal company out to take care of it fast. 

Lack of Transparency

You have a lot of things already on your plate. Chasing down all the information about your waste removal company, including best practices and the costs you should expect, doesn’t often factor into the list. As a result, you may struggle with a lack of transparency. Unclear services make it impossible for you to tell what your costs really are or how they’re really impacting your business. Many business owners end up paying far more than necessary for waste removal simply because they don’t know what their overall costs really are. Auto-renewals on your contract, for example, could increase your annual bill by 10% or more. But going with a new company could leave you paying the same amount as before, and outsourced waste management could have you paying even less.

Waste Management Complexity

Businesses (especially large enterprises) often make waste management more complicated than it has to be. They may, for example, have too many small containers that get emptied more often than is really necessary. Alternatively, they might struggle to keep up with their various contracts. You may find that your business has spent years adding unnecessary facets to your waste management contracts, paying more over time as you add those things on. Unfortunately, that can mean that you end up substantially overpaying for your waste management needs. For example, you might be paying twice as much as you need to in order to empty your waste containers twice a week instead of once, even though you aren’t really filling those bins that often.

Failure to Put a System in Place

Many companies substantially overpay for their waste management contracts because they simply have no system in place to manage those concerns. They have no idea how much they should be paying or what services they really need. As a result, they end up paying far more than they should. The company next door to you might be paying 10-20% less just because they took the time to shop around. Outsourcing waste management solutions, on the other hand, can provide you with access to that information and create a system that will help you save costs.

Whether you’re struggling with your waste management efforts or you’ve discovered that you’re overpaying for your waste management solution, we can help. Contact Util Auditors today to learn more about our outsourced waste management solutions and their benefits to your business, whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise looking for more effective solutions.




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