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Util Auditors Obtain Five-Figure Electric Bill Credit for Phonon

Phonon Corporation is a global leader in designing and manufacturing custom Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) components and modules for defense and space. Recently, Phonon partnered with Util Auditors to complete a detailed utility bill audit on their electric bills.

After completing the detailed energy bill audit on their manufacturing location, James K. Smith, Vice President & CFO, Phonon Corporation, wrote: “Having been in business and finance for years, I am often approached by service providers claiming that they can product measurable cost savings and results for our business.”

Smith emphasized that the no-upfront cost of Util Auditors’ utility bill auditing services is what prompted him to move forward with the initial audit. The detailed utility bill audit resulted in a “five-figure credit” on Phonon’s electric bill. The manufacturing company has also stated that they will be evaluating Util Auditors’ other utility bill auditing solutions to further lower operational costs.


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