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Utility Bill Audit Case Studies & Letters of Recommendation

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This NC based Corporation has over 20 years of experience in injection moulding of plastic containers, lids, vent-plugs and accessories, as well as in production of a wide range of cold forged lead bushings for electric accumulators. This company approached Util Auditors with an interest in lowering their energy costs. After an in-depth review of their billing statements and rate plan with their provider, Util was able to recover a significant refund for overpayment, as well as correct the errors, yielding the client a significant amount per month in continued savings.

Gross Refund Amount


Less audit


Net refund amount


Estimated (60) month future savings

$100,483.80   ($1,674.73/month)

Total Net benefit of audit (60 months)


View Sample Waste Audit Results



Overview: A commercial property owner, frustrated by dealing with a city-mandated monopoly waste hauler, hired Util’s professionals to look for alternatives. The property had been paying for needless, expensive city service for years and neither the city nor their monopoly hauler offered alternatives or suggestions. In fact, both the city and their monopoly hauler actively discouraged any changes. This large location was zoned as office/industrial and had a number of small businesses, warehouses and light manufacturing on site.

The company’s owner appointed our team as the property’s exclusive waste management agent. Our professionals reviewed applicable state, county and city ordinances to determine what could be done to improve the situation. As part of the process, we performed a month-long waste characterization study at the property. It was determined that a significant amount of waste could be diverted to collection for recycling. Further research revealed state law specifically permitted the collection of materials for recycling—even though both the city and its monopoly hauler had failed to notify the owner of this option despite repeated requests.

Results: Based on state law and the findings in the waste characterization, our team reduced solid waste service levels and instituted recycling at the property. Both the city and their monopoly waste hauler complained about the change and challenged its legitimacy. We produced the waste characterization, related documentation from state law and rulings from the Department of Environmental Protection supporting the change. The city and their waste hauler then accepted the change and made the alterations as requested by our experts.

Total savings annually


View Sample Merchant Processing Results



This Florida based company is a wholesaler / distributor of health supplements. They felt that their merchant processing fees were high, and wanted to receive a second opinion on their current rate and equipment fee structure. Util was able to significantly reduce their monthly fees and offer the same equipment at no cost.

Average Ticket$246.22$245.94
Average Monthly Volume$32,779.79 $27,161.35
Avg. Number of Trans / Month134110
Savings Data Based on Current Processing Activity
Avg. Monthly Savings$370.41$427.37
Avg. Annual Savings$4,444.94 $5,128.39
Volume Difference-5,618.44
Volume lower than expected
Additional savings if volume matched projection

Interchange Difference-0.31%$84.65
Money Saved / Transaction$3.87
View Sample Telecommunications Results



Overview: At the start of the telecommunications project, the client was set up with outdated Telecom service that was fragmented and decentralized.  This client was in need of an updated system that will enable them to connect seamlessly between satellite offices, as well as improve their data transfer speed.  They requested that Util perform a detailed review of all aspects of their system and make recommendations.

Results: After the review, Util’s Telecommunications team implemented advanced telecommunications technologies such as VOIP at all of their locations. In order to produce further results, Util’s telecom audit team assisted in the negotiation and implementation of Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology. By implementing VOIP over MPLS and replacing the frame relay network, the company saved over 37% in their total telecommunications spends.

Total savings