Our Utility Bill Auditing Services & Cost Saving Solutions


Utility Services

Utility auditing is where we got our start, and it’s still a crucial component to our business process. Unbeknownst to most consumers, it’s estimated that 80% of utility and service billing statements contain errors. By assessing your business’ past payments, contracts, agreements, and document history, we can find potential for savings and save your budget major issues.

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Financial Services

Internal financial provisions are consistent areas for lost gains by businesses across industries. We find opportunities for savings or refunds within workers’ compensation agreements, retirement packages, and merchant processing practices, assuring businesses aren’t only budgeting efficiently but abiding by legal compliance standards along the way.

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Contracted Services

Util Auditors is capable of auditing your internal and external business relationships and documents, including services contracted out to third-party providers. Everything from waste removal to shipping/freight transport agreements has the potential to be better revised and polished to maximize your business’ value.

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Commercial Services

There are plenty of opportunities for financial savings outside of cutting your overhead costs. We work with the commercial real estate property you desire or already operate out of to find the best property tax breaks and financing options, as well as the chance for highly-beneficial cost segregation.

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Util Auditors’ simple yet highly effective audit process requires no upfront investment of money, time or effort – and can produce thousands of dollars in refunds and future savings for your business.

Services You Can Trust

At Util Auditors, we are passionate about serving our clients, increasing operating efficiency and cutting costs. We treat each client the same to identify cost saving opportunities, and provide the absolute best solutions. It is this consistency and commitment that allows us to continuously exceed the expectations of our clients.

We have provided cost reduction services as well as utility refunds to over 275 clients including Fortune 100 and 500 companies.

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