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utility bill audit case study

Utility Bill Audit Case Study – Phoenix Press

Utility Bill Audit Case Study – Phoenix Press is a family-owned and family-operated, full-service printer, dedicated to delivering messages in the most clear, concise, and timely manner possible. Their goal is to be the greenest commercial printer in the United States. Sustainability and business efficiency is of extreme importance to both Phoenix Press and their customers.

To further advance and streamline efficiency efforts, Phoenix Press partnered with Util Auditors, a leader in utility bill auditing and consolidated services. The goal of the partnership was the evaluate opportunities to reduce Phoenix Press’ operating expenses. Util Auditors provided Phoenix Press a no cost utility bill audit, reviewing the printing company’s utilities and various service contracts.

“To our surprise, Util Auditors informed us of saving opportunities,” said Bill Driscoll, President, Phoenix Press, following the successful utility bill audits. “But more importantly, [Util Auditors] recovered cash from utility billing errors on our gas and electric invoices. They effectively facilitated the entire process of recovering lost revenue due to erroneous billing errors for which we were unknowingly being charged.”

Driscoll added that Phoenix Press is now enjoying the billing reductions post utility bill audit. He also recommended Util Auditors’ utility bill audits and consolidated services to anyone business looking to increase operating efficiency.


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