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nursing home complete utility bill audit

Utility Bill Audits Return Thousands to Nursing Homes & Assisted Living Facilities

Senior Housing Companies provides consultation and property management to the service based senior housing industry including nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Senior Housing currently has 12 properties in Iowa and three more in development.

Util Auditors approached Senior Housing to help reduce operating costs. Following detailed audits, Nicole Brown, Controller, wrote: “With no upfront cost they (Util Auditors) reduced our energy bills by thousands monthly, and have returned tens of thousands to our communities. Even with 12 facilities their team has handled everything seamlessly.”

Managing sometimes dozens or hundreds of bills is time-consuming and can be maddeningly complex. The challenge is even more complex for businesses with multiple locations. Using our simple process, we are able to represent businesses to process refunds, credits and reductions for any authorized location.


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