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Start your FREE shipping audit! Cut costs due to FedEx and UPS billing mistakes, service delivery failures, & other charges that occur on shipping invoices.

Fedex and UPS have a money-back guarantee policy that entitles parcel shippers a full refund whenever their deliveries are late – even by only one minute.  Our specialized shipping audit and freight auditing team take this policy into account, along with about 40 other factors when auditing your FedEx and UPS shipping bills.

We only work with FedEx and UPS. Because of this you can expect to recover more money from our shipping audits than other freight auditors. We use a custom built analytic software and employ a manual auditing team to audit every freight shipment. In addition, Util has a department dedicated to calling FedEx or UPS on your behalf to ensure maximum savings.

Best of all, we only get paid a percentage of the savings (50%). So if we don’t save you any money, you don’t pay! It’s that simple. To learn more about our shipping audit and how to start a FREE initial audit, contact us today.


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