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Gas Audit Finds Errors on New York Real Estate Company’s Utility Bills

Paulsen Development, an Albany, New York developer of custom homes, apartment complexes, and commercial properties was approached by Util Auditors to review their electric and gas utility invoices. Within a few days of providing their most recent month’s billing statements, Util Auditors identified that there were errors on several of Paulsen’s gas meters.

After completing a successful electric bill audit for their apartment complexes and commercial office buildings, Richard Paulsen, Owner, Paulsen Development wrote: “The process was very non-intusive and Util Auditors took care of all of the paperwork and communication with the provider. Just a few weeks later we did in fact receive a refund from our gas provider for monies that we had been over billed. We continue to save monthly with the correction and are grateful the error was identified at this stage.”

Based on various factors, including statue of limitations, utility bill audits can only go back so many years. That’s why it is important for enduring businesses to audit their utility bills. Had Paulsen Development not audited their electric and gas invoices the errors would likely have gone unnoticed. This would have resulted in additional monthly utility bill errors. Over long periods of time, these costs can become unrecoverable. Fortunately, Paulsen Development took timely action to recover costs and prevent future overcharges on their gas bills.


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