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Business Puts $1,400 Utility Expense Reduction to Use

American Tubing, Inc. is one of the leading manufacturers of copper assemblies for use in air conditioning and refrigeration industries. In addition to copper components, American Tubing has the capability to fabricate in other metals such as brass, cupronickel and aluminum.

Recently, American Tubing authorized Util Auditors and our team of utility bill auditing specialists to evaluate their electric and gas utility bills. After a no-risk analysis, Util Auditors was able to complete two successful utility bill audits for the Arkansas company. This resulted in an approximate $1,400 utility expense reduction each month for American Tubing.

“The staff at Util Auditors was always pleasant and professional,” said Dwayne Buxton, Financial Manager, American Tubing, following the successful utility bill audits. “Util was able to recover a hefty refund for us of monies we previously paid [in addition to the monthly utility expense reduction].”

The refund and monthly utility expense reduction was obtained because of improper billing by American Tubing’s provider. Buxton added that American Tubing plans to use the recovered costs and additional savings from the utility bill audits to better their company and products, helping them stay competitive in a growing market. “We are appreciative of the work Util has done for us and we highly recommend them to other businesses looking for cost saving centers.”


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