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Visually Track Your Cost Savings With Our Proprietary Client Portal.

uView™ makes it easy to effectively assess your audit in real time, view detailed savings and analysis reports, approve/ decline recommendations and communicate with your live auditor.

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uView Dashboard Overview

uView™ is a holistic dashboard where clients track the progress of each audit, at each location, in real time.

When conducting your audits, you want to clearly outline the categories of spending you plan to audit. It’s also important to include estimated savings from each category.

Step 1: Data Upload & LOAs

The process starts with a simple data upload request needed to complete the cost reduction project.  Any necessary Letters of Authorization will be available for download/upload within your dashboard.

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uView Dashboard Progress

Step 2: Analysis Begins

Our cost reduction experts will begin identifying errors and inefficiencies within your billing structures. The option to communicate with the auditor assigned to your audit is available within your uView™ dashboard. You will receive notifications when savings are found and ready to implement .

Step 3: Implementation of Identified Savings

View, approve, or deny all cost savings recommendations within the client portal. You will receive an email notification once results are ready for your review. All savings recommendations are approved by the client prior to implementation.

uView Dashboard Recommendations
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Step 4: Savings & Audit Report

Sit back and enjoy savings! You will receive a complete audit report of the savings and refunds implemented, as well as the ability to track ongoing savings and invoices, all within your client portal.

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Let our uView™ platform discover potential cost savings for your organization in a structured, guided and risk-free manner. Util Auditors only gets compensated after your organization has benefited from the implementations, and only where the savings can be clearly demonstrated.

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